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Mettco is a company whose main investment focus is the Middle Eastern market. The company focuses on proprietary investments as well as facilitating trade to and within the region. 

The economies of the Middle East are steadily growing year-on-year, thus fueling a boom across the region. This dynamic increasingly rests on trade links between the region and the four corners of the world. Mettco seeks to reinforce and build these bridges through its partnerships with local and international distributors. Knowing the business environment in the Middle East, the company understands the importance of sustainable relationships, market knowledge, logistical expertise, and optimal supply processes, in order to maintain the highest standards for its operations.

At present, Mettco has set up its operations in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq. However, given the changing environment in the region and the incessant need to adapt to these changes, the company seeks to expand its operations, thus establishing offices in other countries and regions.

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Real Estate

Mettco’s involvement in real estate markets centres on investment, development, and construction initiatives. The company’s investment objectives are largely opportunistic and include specific or mixed-use, retail, residential, office, leisure, logistics or parking buildings as well as urban renewal projects. The company is driven by a desire to enrich the quality of people’s living, working, and leisure environments.

Mettco is also responsible for the development and operations of the company’s real estate businesses across the markets in which it operates. The company is responsible for the conception, development, procurement, and construction of a number of projects as well as the leasing and operation of these projects after completion.

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Logistics & Trade

Mettco’s trading business is driven by sole distribution rights the company has attained since its inception. The company is supported by a network of modern showrooms, workshops, and parts outlets across the markets in which it operates.The current focus of this business is predominately on the building materials and construction sectors given the incessant need for internationally recognized brands and goods to fuel the ever-growing number of projects, particularly in the Middle Eastern region.



By bringing top retail concepts to local malls and high streets, Mettco ensures the delivery of a truly unique international shopping experience. Mettco’s international and forward-looking approach is supported by regional expertise, market knowledge, and successful partnerships that have enabled the company to build the foundations for a successful retail business.

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